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Sockeye Wildfire - Deedee Jonrowe & The Chevak Firefighters

It was a day many of us Alaskans will never forget - it started with a sunny blue summer sky & warm temperatures that promised a wonderful Sunday full of fun. But the sky soon turned hazy gray in Willow, and by the time sunset came around it was an omnious blood-red threat that had already devoured homes and the lives of beloved pets. Most of us were lucky to not lose anything in days that followed, but many - like Deedee & Mike Jonrowe - lost so much.

Being the person that Deedee is though, she expressed greatfulness wherever she could - and the firefighters from Chevak that helped put out the fire in the Jonrowe's neighbourhood were very appreciated, and she made sure that we got a photograph of her and them together before they left the area.

It now resides hung up in the Jonrowe living room, and we can't but be inspired by Deedee & Mike's resilience and fighting spirit, and all those others who lost so much in the Sockeye fire. 3

Deedee Jonrowe Chevak firefighters during Sockeye wildfire Willow Alaska Anchorage Alaska photographer Hannah Kåhlman


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