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Hannah H. S. Kåhlman


Born in Sweden, I now call Alaska home – although I make the journey back to the Motherland about twice a year. It's a deal I struck with my mother (who keeps asking me when I'll be moving back) and the beloved long-nosed Persian cat named Prins Albert (my 1st love), and albeit expensive, it keeps me sane.


   And inspired – most of my greatest ideas are born while I'm sitting on the IKEA couch in mom's living room at night, or out on the backdoor steps overlooking the expansive yard and forest.

What makes my approach to photography different from most other photographers you'll come across, is that I am trying to tell a story. A beautifully custom designed, hand-edited story with attention to details such as angles, lighting & coloring, hairs out of place – all the way down to your pinky being in the correct place.

   Because everything tells a story.

   The way I light your family portraits will decide if the viewer will think your family is

fun-loving and easy-going, or more about elegance and discipline. (Or something else.)

   The colors I choose to use for your backdrop will either contrast with what you

are wearing or harmonize with it, completely changing the mood of your portrait.

   Not to mention posing. Your body language says 80% of what you think you're saying,

so my attention to exactly how your arms, legs, hands, feet, fingers et cetera are placed

- and even what direction your head tilts – is imperative to making your portrait actually say what you want it to say to your friends and family.

   Or potential clients/customers/bosses.


Because in the end, that's why we have portraits taken. To tell our story.

   Be it to the people around us right now, or the generations to come – or even the older versions of ourselves.

   If you don't know what you want to be said, don't worry. That's what we will figure out during your consultation before your session - we know the right questions to ask.

I am also on a mission: To change perceptions about what is beautiful. About what is normal. What is ”ok”.

   Never the ”normal” child, teenager or adult, I love the weird. The creative. The ”out-of-the-box”. The ”straight-A-student” that was ”going places” (i.e. grad school, MD), I disappointed and chose the arts. Because I think social change is important and can be achieved through what we see. 

   If magazines and Hollywood can influence our beliefs in what's desired, I think it's important to give another version.

   A wider version – where everyone fits.


I would love to tell your story.


"Couldn't ask for a better sponsor!! You are not only good at your craft but you 100% embrace what the organization is all about. You always make the girls relaxed and draw out their best features! Thank you Hannah!
We love our sponsor!! You make our girls feel so pretty!"


                                                                                                                 - Gina Marie Agrillo-Jones,

                                                                                                                                                      Director of Miss Alaska

                                                                                                                                                       (Miss America Pageant)




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Hannah Kåhlman - Artist Photographer

Anchorage Alaska


(907) 414-1552     contact@hannahkahlman.com

What else am I involved in?

The Feral Cat Lady


All cats deserve the chance to live a happy life.

At the Feral Cat Lady, we socialize non-tame cats

(often deemed "unadoptable" and who are by Alaska law euthanized at Animal Control).

If you have, or know someone that has, a cat or more who are not tame enough to be adopted into a fur-ever home, give us a call at (908) 252-4198, or email us at contact@hannahkahlman.com

Alaska Pet Pageant

Director of the Alaska Pet Pageant 2019

Self Portraits & Behind-the-scenes

Smash the Cake - 17th Birthday 
Group photo at Miss Alaska 2018 Pageant 




Anchorage, Alaska based

studio  & outdoor photographer

Specializing in

Creative, One-of-a-Kind, Storytelling Portraiture

& Commercial Photography.



People who care about important

milestones and memories tend to

go to a professional photographer.


That's why it is so important to us that

you get the portraits that you dream of

– because we know

how much it means to you.


Why we go the extra mile

on every session.


And why we personally have tested every printed product that we offer

– if it's not good enough for our family,

it won't be good enough for yours.


So what do your dream portraits look like?



Hannah Kåhlman - Artist Photographer

Anchorage, Alaska

(907) 414-1552  


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