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A Photographer's Creative Self-Portrait

Creative composite Selfie outdoor photo by Anchorage Alaska photographer Hannah Kåhlman Artist Photographer

When an idea has been kicked around for years, waiting for the perfect moment and place, then the lightning storm of a decade will not keep it from finally having it's glory day.

True, there are fields in Palmer, Alaska that could have worked, but in my mind there was no room for mountains in this long-time planned self portrait. So, enter a family trip to Minnesota, a storm that shut down major highways in the state, and a crazy photographer - and this is what you get. The birds were added in Photoshop (sorry, I 'm not that cool) and had the shutter Went of just a second later there would have been a huge lightning strike going accross the clouds.

But, here is my (professional photographer) selfie. Finally got to realize my dream photo idea. Have one of your own? Let me know :)


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