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Hannah Kåhlman

- Artist Photographer

The One-of-a-Kind, 


Personalized Book

Most Personalized book for children with

The MOST personalized book

- in the world!




Each book has a custom written story


Your book is written just for YOUR child / pet

Your book is based on YOUR child's interests

Your book is illustrated with professional portraits

of YOUR child / children / pet

acting out the story

Also check out our dedicated website for The Personalized Story Book:

Dog by American flag for most personaliz
custom written story page in personalize
Creative fantasy photo of dog in space a
custom written story page in personalize
Creative fantasy photo of dog in space o

Even your furry babies

can be the star of

their own book!

If you want your child to be successful in life,

then the number one skill they need is good reading skills.


We can give them that.

Parenting is hard.

There are so many life lessons, morals and values that you want to teach your child/children.

Not to mention that you want to make sure that they have good self-esteem and self-confidence.

Teaching and fostering these in a way that really sticks with your child/children is difficult at best.

For example, imagine trying to explain to your 4-year old the importance of stranger-danger,

or why it's not a good idea to wander off on their own in a park/mall and ending up lost?

Or, how do you encourage your 9-year old to be nice to people who are different from him/her

- or encourage him/her to believe in themselves

no matter what their friends or other children at school say?


Custom Written Stories &

Photograph Illustrations


your child/children

- for only $955!

You now have a great solution:

put your child in a story custom

written for whatever it is that

you want your child to know/believe.

Our award winning writer will custom

write the story, including your child's name.


We will then photograph your child

(and whoever else is included in the story)

in key scenes, to illustrate the story.

The result:

​A beautiful, professionally made

physical Children's Book featuring

your child in both text and illustrations!


Our mission:

Helping children become successful - by Making Reading Fun Again


Every cent from every book sold goes to

The Feral Cat Lady - Feral Rehabilitation Center & Rescue

Ideas for your personalized Children's Book

Do you know exactly what you want to teach your child/children?

Or do you want to choose from our selection of story ideas?

Chose between:


Adventure Stories

(e.g. Knight vs Dragon / Lost in the Woods)


Mystery Stories

(like Nancy Drew)


Christmas Stories

(waiting for Santa)


ABC-1,2,3 stories

(to teach your child/children how to count & read in a fun way)


Name-based stories

(where your child's name will be spelled out throughout the story)


Animal Lover stories

(featuring family pets, or shelter animals or Zoo animals)

Safety Lessons

(around water, fire, earthquake, or other dangerous situations that you want to teach your child how to

protect himself/herself from - like stranger danger, etc.



  1. Great teaching tool

  2. A confidence booster

  3. Amazing gift

  4. Creates an experience for your child to remember

  5. Encourages reading - both among children who
    like to read, and among children who do not

  6. A family bonding experience

  7. Makes your child feel valued and loved

  8. Promotes a healthy imagination,
    which is proven to make children
    more successful in school & life

  9. Interesting creative portraits that are
    out of the ordinary

  10. Best of all - It's fun!

Story Book examples:

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Book your Personalized Children's Story Book session

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