Let your child be the hero in his/her own custom written story involving a knight and a dragon!


Our award winning writer will custom write the story to fit your child, including his/her name (you can even chose to have a "moral lesson" that you want to convey to your child - e.g. be nice to others even if they are different; believe in yourself; et cetera).


Then, we will photograph your child to illustrate key scenes throughout the story.


The result: a uniquely, truly personalized children's book and portrait session that you and your child (and grandchildren) will love forever. And if your child doesn't particularly like reading - this will sure spark an interest!

Adventure Story - Heroic Knight & the Dragon





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    People who care about important

    milestones and memories tend to

    go to a professional photographer.


    That's why it is so important to us that

    you get the portraits that you dream of

    – because we know

    how much it means to you.


    Why we go the extra mile

    on every session.


    And why we personally have tested every printed product that we offer

    – if it's not good enough for our family,

    it won't be good enough for yours.


    So what do your dream portraits look like?



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