Commercial Product Photography



Anchorage Alaska


& on-site:

Serving Big Lake, Girdwood, Eagle River, Palmer, Wasilla, Palmer) 

Professional product photography

is a must for a professional, credible

appearance to customers & clients.


We photograph furniture for both

Sadler's & Williams & Kay weekly,


and are experienced in photographing everything between

art reproductions for local artists to 

custom made jewelry & wedding bouquets. 

Whatever your commercial product photography needs are,

we can meet them.



Kabooby Roses - Eagle River Alaska
Example of ad from Sadler's Furniture with commercial images from HK-AP
- Anchorage Alaska 
Fly Fishing Art - Anchorage Alaska (These are also sold as prints, so please do not copy)



Product / Catalog



Original Art Reproduction

Business Service Showcasing

Website Design - SEO

Album Cover

/ Press Release Kit

We custom design your

Commercial Project to best fit

your budget & needs

- starting price:

Session $100

HD Digital $50

(with commercial usage licensing)




Anchorage, Alaska based

studio  & outdoor photographer

Specializing in

Creative, One-of-a-Kind, Storytelling Portraiture

& Commercial Photography.



People who care about important

milestones and memories tend to

go to a professional photographer.


That's why it is so important to us that

you get the portraits that you dream of

– because we know

how much it means to you.


Why we go the extra mile

on every session.


And why we personally have tested every printed product that we offer

– if it's not good enough for our family,

it won't be good enough for yours.


So what do your dream portraits look like?



Hannah Kåhlman - Artist Photographer

Anchorage, Alaska

(907) 414-1552

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