Anchorage, Alaska based

studio  & outdoor photographer

Specializing in

Creative, One-of-a-Kind, Storytelling Portraiture

& Commercial Photography.



People who care about important

milestones and memories tend to

go to a professional photographer.


That's why it is so important to us that

you get the portraits that you dream of

– because we know

how much it means to you.


Why we go the extra mile

on every session.


And why we personally have tested every printed product that we offer

– if it's not good enough for our family,

it won't be good enough for yours.


So what do your dream portraits look like?


Visit our 4,000+ square foot studio at the University Center Mall in Midtown Anchorage:


Hannah Kåhlman - Artist Photographer

3901 Old Seward Highway, Suite 28 Anchorage, Alaska 99503

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"Oh my word I'm in love with this photo. Amazing!! Thank you Hannah!"

- Gina Marie Agrillo-Jones
Director of Miss Alaska Scholarship Organization

"Hannah this is amazing, thank you!"

- Zoey Grenier, Miss Alaska 2015 

"This. Is Spectacular."

              - Jennifer Stratton

"Oh man sooo gorgeous!"

- Julia Stephanie  Wood Houch        


          - Amie Haakenson


- Bonnie Faulk            


            - Paul Wainamo        

"Beautiful Hannah!!!"

- Charity Massie                     

Top 20 Things To Consider When Hiring a Professional Photographer

In Anchorage / Eagle River Alaska

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Is the photographer licensed
with the State of Alaska 
& do they have insurance?
Are they full-time or part-time?
Experience – are they ”just starting out”
or have they been in business for a while?
Do they consider themselves a Photographer
or an Artist?
Does the photographer
have a website?
What is the photographers style & do you like it?
Do the photographer photoshop your portraits / images? 
If yes, how well and is it included?
Natural light or strobes & natural?
What kind of equipment do they use? Professional grade or ”great camera from Walmart”?
Can you see a full session?

One or two great portraits is easy achieved, but the mark of a true professional and your proof that they will do a great job with your portraits is whether they can repeat the same quality through a whole session and over several sessions

Are they full-service or shoot-and-burn?
What is the turn-around-time on your portraits/images?
What is the photographer's
rescheduling policy?
Does the photographer have a studio or
only photograph outdoors?
Does the photographer design your session with you in mind,
or do you get whatever ”everyone else gets” or what they decide?
Do they have any props
or do you have to supply them yourself?
Does the photographer know how to pose you properly?
What is the photographer's 
Client Satisfaction policy?
Do you like the photographer's 
What are the photographer's aspirations for the future?

Do they like it how it is now or are they always looking to do better?

If you are unsure about the photographer, ask:
"What f-stop do you normally use for a family portrait
of 5 in good, normal lighting conditions?"
If they say 4 or smaller number, they might have a nice lens
but you run a huge risk of having some family members
out-of-focus in your portraits - RUN!